Tarbiyah Program

Developing the Complete Individual

Tarbiyah is an Arabic word that in the Islamic tradition translates as “increase” or “growth.” Our objective as an Islamic School is to develop our students into whole individuals. We aim to implement programs and opportunities for students that will aid them in their personal character development.

The product of Tarbiyah should be an ideal citizen who lives in harmony with the universe and balances the needs of this world with the needs of the Hereafter. Together with others, this citizen should help build ideal societies as an American Muslim. Their character should reflect the qualities of a Muslim as illustrated in the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, PBUH.

The primary goals and objectives at Iman Academy are to implement this Tarbiyah process within our educational programs to develop the complete individual.

Ultimately, the goals of Tarbiyah would prepare young Muslims to become:

Committed & Balanced Muslims

Knowledgable Scholars

Contributing Citizens

How do we translate this vision into practical goals and objectives?

These three objectives go hand in hand and cannot be taught one at a time or in a linear manner. They are taught and practiced at the same time using an integrated approach. Our Elementary Program has implemented monthly character themes to encourage students to achieve the objectives listed above.

Monthly Character Themes

September – Responsibility
December – Courage
March – Fairness

October – Respect
January – Trustworthiness
April – Honesty
November – Citizenship
February – Caring
May – Reflective
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