Frequently Asked Questions

Is Iman Academy accredited?

Yes, Iman Academy was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in January 2008. SACS is the same organization that accredits public schools and universities in Texas and throughout the nation. SACS has established high standards that we must satisfy to achieve and retain our accreditation. You can read more about these standards at

Will other schools recognize and honor Iman Academy credits and grades?

Yes, our grades and credits transfer to other schools. As an accredited school, your report cards and transfer documents will be stamped with our seal providing official recognition of the authenticity and quality of our program. You should be aware that school districts have their own policies on transferring credits from other schools, private or public. Therefore, you should check with the school where you may be transferring to understand their requirements and work with the Iman Academy administration to make for a smooth transition.

Are Iman Academy academics better than public or private schools?

Yes, Iman Academy has established a solid academic program and our students consistently out perform their public school peers. Our standardized test scores are better than the surrounding public schools. Further, we compete in local and state-level competitions against other private schools and our students excel in these competitions.

Does Iman Academy provide any discounts on tuition or fees?

Yes, Iman Academy offers discounts on our tuition. We offer multiple child discounts so if you have more than one child attending Iman Academy you will receive a discount on the 2nd or more child. In addition, we have a family maximum that limits the amount of tuition you will be expected to pay as a family for all your children. Please note that discounts apply only for grades Kindergarten and up. Current parents receive discounted registration when they take advantage of our priority registration period.

Does Iman Academy offer financial aid?

Yes, we believe that Iman Academy is a community project and therefore must serve all segments of our community. Hence, we offer financial aid for families who cannot afford the full tuition. To seek financial aid, you need to complete the financial aid application which is then reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. You will be required to attend a personal interview and provide details financial information to determine your financial aid eligibility.

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