Our History

The Foundation to Advance Islamic Teaching in Houston (FAITH) was formed in 1996 to meet the educational needs of Muslim families living in Houston. The main objective is to create quality educational institutions that excel in academics and produce morally responsible citizens. Since its inception, FAITH has experienced tremendous growth and has established two full-time schools—one in the Southeast and the other in the Southwest. These schools—operating under the name IMAN ACADEMY—provide education for grades 1 – 12 (with 11th grade having the option of being in-house or dual credit and 12th grade as dual credit only). Future plans include offering all grades as in-house and dual credit (for those eligible for dual credit) enrollment.

FAITH Childcare Center SE was initiated as a Mother’s Day Out program at the Southeast campus and has grown into a State-Rising Star (4-Star) childcare center with children from newborns to Kindergarten. The Southwest campus also has a licensed FAITH Childcare Center to serve the Muslims in that area. We are excited about our progress and the prospects for continued growth.

We thank Allah for his uninterrupted and immeasurable support and the dedication of the Brothers and Sisters striving to make Iman Academy and FAITH Childcare successful.

Philosophy of Education

FAITH seeks to provide a complete education to develop well-rounded students and provides an Islamic environment so the staff can deliver strong academic training and a comprehensive understanding of Islam. Our students should have a full understanding and appreciation for Islam as a way of life meaning it is the guiding source in all aspects of their lives – ethical, family, social, economic, etc. The Arabic term used to describe this development process is Tarbiyah, which refers to the complete development of the individual – mentally, socially, physically, etc. The Tarbiyah process develops the individual in all aspects based on Islamic core values derived from the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

If this is the vision and the final product of Tarbiyah at Iman Academy, how are we going to translate this vision into practical goals and objectives? Ultimately, the goals of Tarbiyah would prepare young Muslims to become:

•Committed Balanced Muslims

• Knowledgeable Scholars

• Contributing Citizens and Community Builders

These three objectives go hand in hand and cannot be taught one at a time in a linear manner. They have to be taught and practiced at the same time using an integrated approach.

Vision of FAITH and Mission of Iman Academy

A mural of a tree growing out of iman

FAITH’s Vision is to be an exemplary education system. Iman Academy’s Mission is to combine an Islamic environment with innovative educational methods that would help nurture noble character, academic excellence, and strong leadership skills.

Our goals are to develop:

• Committed, Balanced Muslims

• Knowledgeable Scholars

• Contributing Citizens and Community Builders

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