NEHS Induction Ceremony

The National Elementary Honor Society is one of the most prestigious honors that can be awarded to an elementary student. Iman Academy Southeast is proud to have a National Elementary Honor Society chapter in our school. Our chapter practices five goals: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. 

The standards for selection are based on the following criteria:

ScholarshipA cumulative grade point average of at least 85% is required in the first two trimesters of the school year.

Leadership, Service, Citizenship, and CharacterThe qualities must be demonstrated through activities and volunteering. An excellent record of behavior and responsibility in and out of school is required.

Membership into NEHS is more than just an honor. It incurs a responsibility and an obligation to demonstrate the outstanding qualities that NEHS embodies. Each member will be required to complete twenty community service hours. Individual members have the responsibility to choose an individual service project that they wish to fulfill as part of their twenty hours. As an NEHS chapter, students will have the opportunity to complete community service hours as a group. If inducted into NEHS, ten of the twenty community service hours need to be completed over summer vacation. Iman Academy Southeast is very eager to provide students with the opportunity to be inducted into a national organization as magnificent as NEHS.

Student Pledge

As a member of the National Honor Society, I pledge to: Be a strong student, achieving the most from my education; Demonstrate Responsibility, showing enthusiasm and working hard in all that I do; Learn the skills of Leadership, practicing them in all aspects of my life; Be of Service to my school and community, showing that I care; And be a role model for my peers, helping us all achieve our best

National Elementary Honor Society

The purpose of this organization shall be to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility, to provide service to the school and community, and to develop leadership skills in the students of elementary school.


SE News

“Monitoring the Future 2022”

University of Michigan Logo

The University of Michigan’s Survey Research Department has selected Iman Academy as a research site for its study “Monitoring the Future 2022.” The study will monitor the school experiences of older Middle and High School students.

Students will be asked questions such as, “how important is religion in your life?” Research has indicated that religion can serve as a protective factor for substance use.

Other questions may include “How many hours do you spend in an average week on homework,” “Which describes your plans after high school?”, etc.

All research is funded by the National Institute of Health and conducted by The University of Michigan, Institute of Social Research.

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Houston Food Bank

Student volunteers gathered for a photo inside of the Houston Food Bank.

Iman Academy students and staff visited the Houston Food Bank to help sort and package food for the needy. Iman Academy aims to make events like this one a tradition among our students, by instilling in them values of volunteerism that inspire them to become contributing citizens and community builders long after graduation.

SW News

8th Grade “STAARS” Shine!

Image of STAAR test

8th Grade students  at Iman Academy Southwest scored 100 % on their STAAR exams in 2018!  See how their pass rate compares to the state average by visiting the TEA website here.

SW News

Urban Food Sustainability Project

IASW students pose for a group picture after a service project.

Iman Academy Southwest Middle School participated in an Urban Food Sustainability Farm Practices project in the second ward community.  The students utilized a small space to make a big impact, by making agriculture more accessible and by engaging people in the ways they think about food. 

SW News

Fall College Tours – Texas A & M University

IASW students standing in front of the George BUsh Library and museum at U of H.

Iman Academy SW High School had the opportunity to explore Texas A & M  University this Fall on an Academic, Scholarship, Admission and Campus Tour. They were given the chance to experience campus life and ask questions to different heads of department, other faculty, and some exemplary students.

Students and Teachers stayed overnight at the Islamic Center and participated in Team building activities with the TAMU Muslim Student Association.

Texas A & M – September 7-8, 2018

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Iman Academy Qur’an Competition

Congratulations to all our students for a job well done! May Allah SWT bless and reward you abundantly!

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Houston Hunger

Iman Academy SW won 3rd place at Houston Hunger Submit sponsored by Texas A&M University & United Way

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Middle Ages at IASE

Students dressed in Medieval costumes

Hear ye, hear ye! Iman Academy SE Third Graders learned about the Middle Ages. They researched different aspects; Islamic influence, medicine, food, knightship, and more!

Students created and presented reports, and ended the Unit with a grand feast! Thank you to Ms. Debbie and Ms. Manal for a memorable event!

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Exploring Energy

Student looks into an optical triangular prism.

Students explored the different forms of energy (light, electrical, mechanical, thermal, sound, and mechanical) and how they can appear in one object.  They had the opportunity to see light energy using a crystal optical triangular prism. They also discovered how the potential energy becomes kinetic energy when a force is applied. Our students determined through their experiment that mass influences how much kinetic energy is released even if the same force is applied.

Peek inside the classroom, watch a short clip of our students and their scientific observations below.

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STEM Day at IASE: A Science Safari

Photo of student using an exercise bike to conduct electricity

On October 11, Mobile Ed Productions brought a STEM museum to the Southeast campus! The “Kidz Science Safari” is a portable hands-on science museum for children grades K-6. With over 12 interactive STEAM exhibits to explore, our students had an absolute blast!

The production covered various subjects, including :

Energy, Technology, Simple Machines, Geometry, Animation, Structures, Conservation of Energy, Friction, Programming, Gravity, Invention, Patterns, Problem Solving and Team Building.

Kidz Science Safari was designed to align with Elementary Science Standards, making an educational experience so much fun! Have a look at our students’ faces and how they lit up as they explored their world through science.

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SW Students Visit the University of Texas

Students pose for a group photo while visiting the University of Texas.

Southwest students toured the University of Texas early this fall. Students benefited from a guided tour that discussed different educational opportunities. This trip was a part of our College Preparatory Program for high school students.

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Using what we “know” to grow

SW First grade students worked in groups to brainstorm new words from a word provided to them. In the video below, the students generate new words using the word “at”! This skill helps students to read and spell more fluently!

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